I woke up this morning to find that Donald Trump had won the election. I must admit that I am still grappling with confusion as to what would motivate someone to vote for a man with clearly no experience or skills in diplomacy. I understand that this country is full of individuals and individuals are what make this country great. However, when you cultivate a culture of fear and hate in the minds of the public you are the furthest thing from great. It is my sincere hope that the American people can focus their efforts on becoming a greater nation and learn to accept and work with differences of every kind. I have always felt that if the people were to mobilize for a common good then we wouldn't need to turn our dreams and aspirations over to one person who occupies a particular position. I know that is a dream. The reality is as humans, we are so scattered and distracted by technology that we have not time or inclination to pay attention and wonder what is happening before our very eyes. I sincerely hope for positive change at home and abroad. At the moment my thoughts concerning the country that I love are pretty dark. Luckily for me I can turn my feelings good or bad into something beautiful. Hence, I Requiem For An American Dream. I believe this reflect my feelings pretty clearly. For those of you disappointed with the Presidential outcome, I hope that you find some way to turn your feeling into something that everyone can appreciate. I also hope that the future is brighter than current news would suggest.