Child of the sun

Year of the wolf

Heart is a stone


Sky is painted black



Mirror World



One Step Beyond



Eastern Bloc

Don't Go So Fast

Hand in the clouds


Message #3

Alex McKinley

To AvalonWalkin

Shifting States

The Fisher King

No One Hears

Silent Smoke

Traveling Song


I Love You

Same Dream

Christmas Day Parade




Walking The Cow (Daniel Johnston)

True Love Will Find You In The End (Daniel Johnston)

The Golden Age (Beck)

Into my Arms (Nick Cave)

Love Song ( The Cure)

17 Days (Prince)

Positively 4th Street (Bob Dylan)

Visions of johanna (Bob Dylan)

Warszawa (David Bowie)

Bewlay Brothers (David Bowie)

Space Oddity (David Bowie)

Candy Says (Velvet Underground)

Lucky (Radiohead)

Scatterbrain (Radiohead)

Mississippi Moon (Jerry Garcia)

Mission In The Rain (Jerry Garcia)

That Entertainment (The Jam)

Tomorrow never knows (The Beatles)

Happiness is a warm gun (The Beatles)

Julia (The Beatles)

Scare Easy (Mudcrutch)

The Stallion Pt.3 (Ween)

Time (The Revelator) (Gillian Welch)

Miss Ohio (Gillian Welch)

Riverman (Nick Drake)

A Love Supreme (1st movement) (John Coltrane)



Joe DeVita

Joe DeVita was born in New York December 30,1978. At the age of 16 he began playing guitar and hitchhiking throughout the United States. Joe is a graduate of the Musicians Institute, and attended the New School. Since his self released album in 2005, Joe's music has been featured on BBC6 Radio,, Planet Weekly, Skope Magazine. Life experiences, growth, reinvention, as well as furthering his musical abilities as songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has remained one of the driving forces in DeVita's work. From Hardcore Punk to Jazz, Joe presents a wide cast of characters with very singular narratives, attempting to introduce the listener to ideas from all walks of life.