Mythos (EP)

Joe DeVita

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Some believe the imagination is the beginning point for all physical creation. After much thought I have to admit I am in agreement because this series of songs began in the imagination.

I have always been fond of myths and legend. It also seems that by some strange stroke my experience on this earth so far has been nothing less than fantastical.

If you enjoy journeying through your imagination as much as I do then this EP is definitely for you.

I hope you enjoy the music as music as I have enjoyed releasing this music. It has a very special place in my heart.

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  1. 1 To Avalon 02:36 Lyrics
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  2. 2 Silent Smoke 05:52 Info
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  3. 3 The Story Of The Fisher King 04:41 Lyrics
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  4. 4 Good Neighbor 03:14 Lyrics
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The Revised Hierarchy of Human Needs (for the modern man)

Art work by Wald.

The Revised Hierarchy of Human Needs (for the modern man)

Art work by Wald.

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On 6/1/17 my new album The Revised Hierarchy Of Human Needs (for the modern man) will be available exclusively on
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Many thanks to Anem De Nit for their wonderful video "Playground"

I am very excite to be in NPR's Tiny Desk Contest. I've loved the Tiny Desk series for a while now and when I found out about the contest it seemed like no brainer to enter. Check out my entry video below. Like it. Share it. All that good stuff :)
Join me on a process of creation as I document the recording process for my fourth coming album. All of the songs have been written, now it's time to lay down all of the instruments and voices (gasp). I will post the instrumental recordings of each song from the ground up once a week. I won't go into too much theoretical detail but hopefully this will be an entertaining and educational experience for those interested in music and the creative processes.
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Let me apologize if what you're about to read sounds like overly pretentious drivel.
Though I am reticent to guide the listener though the intent of this particular song, I do fear that some might take the song at face value. In my opinion, such an approach will quickly lead to a general misundarstanding.
I wouldn't feel comfortable letting people draw their own conclusions as the song does touch on sensative topics and there is language that is indeed offensive. If one didn't find it offensive in the slightest, I would be exceedingly distressed.
The narrative character in this song is the patriarch of a disfunctional family who is so low he attempts to villify the other family members. Essentially he is a failure and the main cause for such a broken home but at the same time, he is so delusional that he cannot admit that the state of his family as it is; is a result of his lack of empathy for those around him.
I am sad to say that I have encountered such people as this character in real life, but feel lucky to not have to deal with over exposure of them. I sincerely hope that none of you have to deal with such circumstances.
It is my hope that the presentation of this song will throw the obvious in your face so hard that you see it is clearly a bad way of going about life, a bad way to treat those that you are supposed to love. It is a cautionary tale. Don't be like that guy, ever. -Joe DeVita

I think its safe to say that we all have a vision of a place where the grass is greener. The milk and honey flows unchecked and of course, dreams come true. To many farmers of the Dust Bowl era, California was such a land. Though it is saddening to say that most migrant farmers from Oklahoma were not welcomed by Californian's and workers that were welcomed found themselves to be horribly exploited; earning a mere pittance for their hard work. However, during dire circumstances what could make more sense than to head in the directions of a perceived utopia? I can relate to this story when I hitchhiked across the US from New York before settling temporarily in San Francisco. I had notions of a better life in The Great North West like countless others before but as it would seem, fate guided me to my true place of belonging. I still have a strong fondness for California. My wife and I married in Big Sur, a truly magical place. In my minds eye, I can still see the golden sunset sinking behind an endless ocean littered with what must have been gigantic mountains. To know a place where such natural beauty exists does fill me with longing. Perhaps we will win California over one day...
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Many thanks to Wald and Brigitte Valobra of Anem De Nit for putting beautiful imagery to "O Discontent"
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For the month of February some bits of my new album Canyons will be aired on one of Europe's leading alternative radio stations , Radio Marabu
If you'd like to stream now go here
Feb, 2016 playlist :
Your Illuminations/ Hey Scarlet/ Hey Scarlet/---DL
Skaciety/ Step Back/ Step Back///DL
Space Waves/ End/ Sing MY Song/---DL
Zoe Zac/ Maximum/---/---DL
Surreal Realm/ Storms And Rainbows/---/---DL
Joe DeVita/ Canyons/ Canyons/---DL
Les Bicyclettes Blanches/ Cat Gut/ Einfugen/ Bleeding Gold LP
Tim Chaplin/ Straospheric/ Boy To Make Me Worry/ Bleeding Gold LP
Mmdelai/ Sugar/ EP II/ Bleeding Gold 10" EP
Orange Cake Mix/ Light Of Movement/ At The Record Shop/ WTTPM cassette
Hilda Garman/ Love/ The Sun's Up/---DL
Smelly Fish/ Rushflower/---/ Revolution Systems DL
Nish Goyal/ Part Time/ A Little Validation/---DL
Alistair James/ Have You Ever Been Low/---/---DL
Ken Clinger/ Circus Parade/ KC 59/ Bovine CD


This album is an experiment. One of my music students and I had a very civil argument regarding the difference between creativity and creating a commodity. He explained to me that in terms of business, people generally gravitate toward what has already been established. I found this quite disconcerting and decided to make an album that marries innovation and what some might call convention. Essentially I am hoping to prove him wrong but am not sure how that will turn out. -Joe DeVita
The Path To Awakening:

What? You think I retired or something? That's crazy talk.

Check out and buy my new composition The Path To Awakening written about the personal journey of Siddhartha Gautama.


A special thank you to Don Campau KKUP-FM for playing Ocean Song on Sunday. You can download or stream the show here

Music From Liquid SLumber on LA Talk Radio

 Tomorrow at 5 pm PST one of my tunes from Liquid Slumber will be featured on LA Talk Radio  . Listeners can also download the show here

Liquid Slumber to be released March 15, 2015

I am very happy to announce the release of my new album "Liquid Slumber" available digitally here at Joe . on March 15, 2015.
Click here to hear a song from the album.

As you scroll down you will find photos of the writing and recording process. You can also click on the Lyrics page to view the words to all of the songs from the album.

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