1. Alex McKinley

From the recording Liquid Slumber

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Music & Lyrics By Joe DeVita

Abducted Mind Productions 2015


Alex McKinley stumbled down the road
Chasing a bright shining light
He went down by the docks
Where the ships they bounce up and down

The waves hit the shore
And they sang sweet songs
As he tried to collect his thoughts
How did I get here
Where will I be when the sun hits the sky?

I can't stand the beauty
In such a state
My overflowing mind is drowning me
I can rest on hope
Of better luck when the sun hits the sky

Everything I knew
Was trampled underfoot
By no good circumstances

In truth everything
I gladly tossed away

Alex McKinley lay on the shore
Resigned to his fate
The water embraced him
And took him out to sea
As the sun hit the sky